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Membership Forum 2018

The Harmony Alliance was thrilled to bring together our wonderful members for our very first Membership Forum in June.

The forum began with a speaker program in the morning, kicked-off by a panel on intersectionality. Participants heard about the different experiences and concerns of women from migrant and refugee backgrounds living with a disability, of different age profiles, and of all sexualities and gender identities.

In the next panel, we heard about innovative programs to improve employment outcomes for women from migrant and refugee backgrounds, from engaging with human resources departments in the private sector, to supporting women to develop entrepreneurial ventures, to boosting the confidence of women to proactively seek opportunities in the workplace.

In the afternoon, members participated in roundtables about priority areas for the Alliance’s work going forward. Participants discussed the Alliance’s current thematic focus areas – Access to Justice, Health and Employment – unpacking barriers and opportunities, and identifying key areas of influence for the Alliance to pursue. Members then discussed explored additional areas of priority for the Alliance to consider going forward.

It was a delight to welcome so many women from different backgrounds, sectors, cultures and lived experience, and to strategise together on ongoing and emerging issues of concern for migrant and refugee women. The Alliance is excited to take forward the wonderful ideas of our members, and we look forward to many more successful membership forums to come.

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